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Mill Creek Cafe was established on June 8, 2011, by Wade and Barbee Reagor, long-time restaurant business owners in the Leakey area, extending back to when they first married in 1967. Throughout the decades, they operated Frio Canyon Lodge and then Frio Canyon Restaurant, all the while raising five kids who learned well from their parents how to enjoy life while excelling in business endeavors themselves.

Mill Creek Cafe was named after a tributary to the east prong of the Frio River, where the Reagor's built their log home with the help of friends and family. They made many wonderful memories there, working and playing. The dinner table was the place to slow down, catch up, and enjoy each other's company. Looking to truly retire this time, the Reagor's found new owners to take over Mill Creek Cafe October, 2017. The new owners appreciate the Reagor's outlook on life and consider themselves stewards in continuing to have Mill Creek Cafe serve as a place for you to slow down, catch up, and enjoy good food with friends and family.

Bria Whitmire, the new owner of Mill Creek Cafe, frequented the restaurant long before the Reagors thought about re-retiring. Throughout her career as a licensed professional engineer, Bria moved around a lot, but regardless of where she was traveling from she spent most every free weekend in Leakey working and playing on her grandparent’s ranch.  This brought her frequently into Mill Creek Café for good warm dinners in the winters and cold sweet tea during in the hot summers. Although her grandparents, Henry and Margaret Wyneken, passed away years ago, the family ranch is going into a 4th generation, and so the Whitmire family certainly has a soft spot for Leakey, Texas.  After taking ownership, Bria remained a resident of Corpus Christi working as an engineer at Kiewit Offshore Services while her father Michael Whitmire, a retired high school counselor, moved to Leakey to help run the restaurant.  As of May 2018, however, she left her engineering career to be in Leakey full time as well.  With the Reagor’s trust and guidance, the Whitmire's plan to provide as great of a service to the community and to travelers as the Reagors have for all these years.

Thank you for dining with us at Mill Creek Cafe. Our priority is to make your experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible, and we look forward to seeing you next time!

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